Thursday, 23 June 2011

Scary Coos!

Where I live I am spoilt for choice as to where I will go for a walk - one of my favourite places is Pollok Country Park which is a 20 minute walk/5 minute drive from my flat. Early this morning I parked in my usual space and was greeted by these aviator sunglasses looking expectantly at me....
"How odd" I thought to myself. Minutes later I realised that they were the ones that have been knocking around in my car door pocket for months...they must have fallen out of the car yesterday! I love the way they have been placed like that.
I really enjoy being in the park early, probably because I quite often fantasise that the house and gardens actually belong to me - I have always done this when visiting stately homes!
 I love the river walk and Fly is obsessed with water so she loves it!
On the return leg of today's walk I decided to go a different way so that I could get a look at the Highland Cattle and calves that are resident in the park.
They looked so cute - well to me they did....

Fly wasn't so sure.....
maybe it is their smell/size? Whatever it was she was not impressed!
However she does have quite a soft spot for these gorgeous little Falabella ponies that are currently grazing on the recs (recreation grounds) opposite my flat.

They are on tour with Zippo's Circus and are here every year about this time. We have visited them every morning and evening for the past week! I first noticed them a couple of years ago as I drove past - noting how dinky they were. When I drove back in the opposite direction 3 hours later they had grown in size. I thought I was hallucinating! This went on for a couple of days until the penny dropped that there were 2 tiny ponies and 2 normal ponies of exactly the same colour who must be part of the same act that were put out to graze at different times!
Sadly when we went out for our evening walk last night they had moved on - where the Big Top was is now a muddy patch of grass being used as an overflow car park for Hampden Stadium which is hosting 'Take That' for the next 3 nights - with a prevailing wind I can sit and enjoy the gig from the comfort of my own kitchen!!


  1. I do agree, the cows look so cute! Not as cute as the look on your dog's face though!

  2. Your little dog is very cute! I also feel the same as it does about cows and it is the size and the smell! Highland coos are very cute too though (I'm still scared of them though!)

  3. I take it his bark is worse than his bite then? I saw in The Metro this morning a sheep dog that was afraid of sheep. The sheep have worked this out so they get the flock together and see him off! What's going on with dugs these days...?

  4. Meant to add.... I like the pic of your specs - how lucky were you?!

  5. Also mean to add... The photograph of the Highland Coo looks like tree branches are an extension of its horns.


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