Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Creative Space

Finally today, after having had the wool for this project for nearly 2 years,  I have started on what will no doubt become my new obsession.....
the Babette Blanket. I have chosen to make mine from a variety of colours of Colinette Jitterbug yarn - I like to buy British! The original pattern recommends Koigu but I have seen Babettes in every kind of yarn and colourway you can imagine and they are all delightful in their own way. I am loving the stitch definition you get with this yarn. This is the very first square - done in Elephants Daydream -
just gorgeous! I love the Colinette palette of colours and I especially love the names the colours have been given - in the top pic you can see balls of Whirly Fig, Lobster Pinch, Elephants Daydream and, my personal favourite, Salty Dog.
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  1. Beautiful colours Suzanne, your blanket will look gorgeous. p.s. You Blog good. I have only just sat down!! x

  2. So far, so clever! I'd like an update in a week's time please! Meanwhile I will keep on trying to master the old crochet stitch. Off to pack...! x

  3. Great colour choices - I look forward to watching your progress. Ames :)

  4. I can't wait to to see it! I'm sure it'll look lovely! Nice colours!

  5. It's looking really good so far ;) I love the Elephant yarn too - the texture and colour is fantastic.


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