Friday, 24 June 2011

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I'm a bit late with this weeks Creative Space post due to some Blogger nonsense! Problem fixed, I wanted to share a couple of handmade gifts with you.
Yesterday I was going to my friend Jean's for lunch and I wanted to take a small gift - usually I would take some wine but as it was lunch, not dinner, I decided to make some of Nigella's Sweet & Salty Chocolate Nut Crunch Bar and take that along instead. I have4 wanted to make this for ages and this was the perfect excuse. Also I am being rather frugal at the moment and this is an ideal frugal gift!
I keep all my old packaging for use in projects such as this so I chose a suitably sized box,  tissue paper recycled from a gift I had received and a piece of bias binding which was not a useful length.........
I put the tissue in the box first with a double layer of greaseproof paper on top of that and then filled the box with chocolate pieces......
I folded the paper neatly and put the top on the box using the bias binding as a bow decoration and Hey Presto! a lovely gift!
I also need a gift for my friend Laurence who will be dog sitting on Saturday while I do the Byres Road Makers Market. He has a very sweet tooth so this is a perfect gift for him too!
I made a paper 'poke' (pocket) from greaseproof paper, filled with chocolate............
and sealed up. I then wrapped with tissue paper and decorated with some wool and a recycled tag I made a while ago.
Another gift with the personal touch! I managed to get 2 x 12" circular trays of crunchy nut chocoate out of the ingredients I used so I still have 3/4 of a tray left to use as another gift.....if it lasts that long.....well one has to exercise some quality control now and again! Or maybe I should exercise some self-control!!

200gms Dark Chocolate
100gms Milk Chocolate
125gms butter
3 tablespoons  Golden Syrup
250gms salted peanuts
4 x 40gm Crunchy bars

Melt butter and Golden Syrup in pan and add all the chocolate
Put nuts and broken up Crunchy bars in a bowl
Pour melted mixture over nuts and crunchy pieces and mix
Fill foil trays with mixture and put in fridge to set
When hard break into rough pieces and ENJOY!!

Very simple to make and totally delicious - it went down a storm at the lunch!!

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  1. These are lovely! Homemade gifts are the best, especially when it's some sweet!

  2. Your packaging looks wonderful! What a lovely idea :)

  3. Oh yum! Great ideas for packaging too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ...and it tasted dee-lish - I can vouch for that!

  5. Hey Suzanne, I'm a bit slow but have realised I've missed some of your posts whilst on hols, so a bit of a catch up needed.

    That recipe sounds delish......I have just discovered peanut butter M & M's sweet and salty too and just soooo yummy. I'm afraid your 3/4 tray wouldn't last too long in this household.

    Love the recycled packaging, makes the gift all the more enjoyable.

    Claire :}


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