Sunday, 12 June 2011


My last post was about a floor cushion I had made from recycled jumpers but I must come clean - it is not a floor cushion but a doggie day-bed for my new flatmate Fly.
She is a whippet crossed with something but not sure what!
I collected her from the rehoming centre on Thursday afternoon. She has a touch of kennel cough which is making her a wee bit under the weather but that aside, she is settling in well and is very quick to learn!
It was a bit touch and go on the first night as she didn't want to sleep in her bed in the kitchen and howled so I spent a couple of hours persuading her that her wee den was a lovely place to be and eventually she went to sleep! Since then she is alot more settled and I have enjoyed 2 nights uninterrupted sleep although my day now starts significantly earlier!!


  1. I turn my back for 5 minutes......!

    Fly looks just lovely Suzanne - hope she is making you very happy. Love her name - was it always going to be thus or is there some specific reason for it?

    Looks like she has taken to her handmade bed quite nicely!

  2. Fly is beautiful! And, she looks really cosy and happy. What a lucky pooch!

  3. Welcome Fly!
    Hope your cough clears up soon.
    I think you are going to have a happy life:-)

  4. lovely. How did you sew the felted squares together?

  5. sorry answered my question by reading previous post.

  6. Oh how sweet! She looks so sweet in that last photo, and very cosy too!
    Thanks ever so much for the mirror by the way, received it last week and it's beautiful!

  7. OMG! She is adorable. So much happy than when I last saw her at the home. Lucky doggy. Can't wait to meet her :) x

  8. Fly looks lovely, I hope she is enjoying her new bed. Thank you for the lovely mirror, it arrived early this week.


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