Friday, 17 June 2011

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Not much going on around here due to some intensive puppy training! The one thing I have managed to do is to finish the Noro Stripy Scarf that I started ages ago.
I have even sewn in all the loose ends - I can't even begin to describe how tedious it was! Many many thanks to Karen who showed me how to run both wools up the side of the scarf eliminating the need to weave in all the ends. Without her input this project would still be skulking at the bottom of my knitting basket! It is ironic that I have finished the scarf just as we are finally getting some good weather in Scotland!
The colour changes are gorgeous and it is a perfect length - looking forward to wearing it but hopefully not too soon. Noro is very expensive but I think it is worth it as the end product always looks so lovely - as my friend pointed out - it does all the work for you in terms of design!
Now I can turn my attention to the Babette Blanket - hopefully will have at least a coupke of squares to show next week.
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  1. Love the colours it looks like it will get a big work out when it's cold! :)

  2. Very nice. Looks tricky with all the colour changes. Well done

  3. it is beautiful!
    and you doing a babette? i have been eyeing that pattern out for ages...looking forward to seeing your take on it

  4. Sorry, did you just say good weather - have you looked outside?! Your scarf is fab. Well done - I'm intrigued. Took my teenie weenie baby pram blanket (of 4 years gestation!) to der Schweiz with me last week to finish it off - and brought it back again (reckon it needs another holiday!). Been on every holiday for the past 3 years and still I haven't finished it!

  5. Wow,that does look wonderful! Well done, for getting it finished. Can't wait to see the blanket.

  6. SNAP! I think you and I might have crafted the same scarf! (weaving in ends does my head in too)...


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