Thursday, 26 April 2012

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Last week after Val showed me how to do these squares for my Babette blanket again I have been averaging around 2 a day and have built up quite a collection........
I am finding the monotony quite therapeutic and it is very exciting pulling all the colours (18 in all!) out of the bag to discover which will be used in each square. I have decided to replace the original Koigu colours with those from the Collinette Jitterbug range so I am not at all sure how it will turn out but I am sure it will be a riot of colour! These are my 2 faves so far........
The colours are just so yummy - the picture doesn't do them justice but take it from me they are intense!
See what everyone else is up to this week over here - I defy you not to be inspired!


  1. I know photos can betray us, especially with reds and purples... but your squares are bright and delightful anyway. I cannot imagine them looking any better. That blanket is going to be AMAZING!!!

  2. Look at you go! You will finish before me at this rate :)

  3. Popped over to check on the off chance and here you are again. Glad you are back blogging once more. Love the penguin I thought it was just me that put things on the wrong way round!

  4. Hi Suz! It's been a while. I take it the Babette blanket is complete and ready for the impending cooler temperatures....?!

  5. ooh yeah, they're looking fab!!



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