Monday, 23 May 2011

Stormy Monday.

As I type this a tempest is raging outside my window. It is almost as if my black mood has manifested itself! The event at Benmore yesterday was a complete wash-out - torrential rain made the whole event tedious and uncomfortable despite the magnificent setting. I (and many others) spent the day getting cold and wet (inside the marquee!!) my stuff was getting dripped on and I had to grin and bear it whilst the few hardy souls who managed to attend, picked over my pretty handmades like we were at a church hall bric-a-brac sale, muttering words like "extortionate" and "expensive" under their breath (but loud enough to hear!) I do not think my things are over-priced - the problem is that quite a few of the stall holders attending that event were completely underselling their wares so of course anything over £1.50 seems alot! I shouldn't let it upset me as I know not everyone realises or appreciates how much work goes into making something by hand but sometimes it just gets to me, especially when I am feeling a bit fragile after a rotten week! The diet went out the window and I gorged myself on home-baking from the Benmore Fundraising Stall and finished off the day with a greasy sausage supper - of course after that I really hated myself!
Anyway, rant over! How do you cheer yourself up after a rotten week? You do something nice and cheery like a giveaway! I am giving away 4 mirrors (winners to choose their preferred pattern) made from the new Liberty fabrics I purchased last week while I was wandering around town killing time waiting for the car to be fixed .......
All these fabrics were purchased at 25% less than normal price from Mandors in Glasgow (get there quick whilst stocks last - there is a huge selection!) and I am going to make shower hats from them. The bottom 2 are really cute and I only bought 20cms of each to make into mirrors.
I particularly like this with the owl and horse.....
 and this pretty floral print.......
and these wee owls are just too cute for words............
all you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying which fabric you like best! If there are more than 4 comments I will pick names out of a hat otherwise if 4 comments or less you are guaranteed a mirror. Giveaway ends a week today.
There - I feel much better now!
Happy Monday - have a good week!


  1. Oh I do hope you have a much better week this week. Keep your eyes set on the now and the future, not what has already been. (I have been there too!) :)I think your mirrors are lovely. Hopefully the next time you have an event to sell them at, people will see your goods for what they are. :)Thank you for your generous offor. My favourite fabric out of all the ones you pictured at the top is the 3rd one down (it reminds me of fans and feathers), and the second fave would be the pretty floral print.
    Hope you have a sunshiney week this week.

  2. Can't make my mind up between the purply one and the floral one, they're both so pretty!
    Sorry to hear you had such a rotten week, you just have to brush it off and carry on! How could we appreciate the good times if there were never any bad ones to compare them to? (Repeat last sentence until you're blue in the face!) x

  3. Suzanne that is so rubbish! Those people don't deserve your stuff. Hope your week improves. Vx

  4. After a rotten week, I try to sleep a lot, enjoy being at home, eat well and maybe make a short trip to the countryside if the weather is nice.

    All your fabrics are nice, but the dark one is the best - there are unicorns!

  5. Sorry that the event went badly, hopefully the next one will be more successful.

    I love the pink with the horses and owls.

  6. Yeah sorry to hear it was such a washout. It must be reslly frustrating hearing that kind of thing and having to hold your tongue about it! I shouldnt be grumbling about the weather as much as I have today, especially not when its taken most of the week to get here. I cheer myself up with something something pretty (like a new stash of materials) and then a film or something that allows me to switch off completely. Love those liberty materials. The pink one with the owls and horses is my favourite too!


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