Tuesday, 10 May 2011

No Going Back!

If you have arrived here via my old Typepad blog you will have noticed the radical redesign it has received (when they said downgrade they weren't kidding!!) I must admit to feeling a little sad but life goes on and in the grand scheme of things it is not the end of the world!
Just a quick post today to show off my new style iPhone covers...........
which are basically the same as the old style minus the button and elastic closure and are based on one I made recently for a friend.

One of the nicest things about crafting is being able to make gifts that are tailor made for their recipient. I made this iPhone cosy for my friend Anna’s birthday recently. I already knew she needed a phone cover and she had pointedly remarked how much she loved the Echino fabric (and how she didn't like the elastic/button) so when her birthday came around I knew exactly what to make for her.
The bird motif and the bright pink are very striking and the addition of an emerald green felt lining works really well. 
It hardly took any time to make, I already had the materials and she was thrilled to bits with it – you can’t ask for more than that when gifting something! Plus I liked it so much it encouraged me to make some more in tweed!

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  1. I see the shutters have come down on Fieldy@Typepad pdq! I think you might quite like your new home. More goodies - superb!


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