Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Crappy Bag.

The Loch Fyne event last weekend went very well which is good as I have just had to shell out for dental treatment and for a car repair which has basically wiped out any money I made! I am not a happy bunny! However I do have one thing to smile about - I have a new bag....
I made this to try to sell at the event last weekend but it fell off my wobbly table into a large pile of liquified sheep droppings (we were in a marquee but the ground was very wet)
This is a pic of the car park before everyone arrived on Saturday morning - a beautiful spot, just very soggy! I tried to clean the bag but it was impossible to get the marks off (basically a really stubborn grass stain!)
Most people probably wouldn't have noticed but I knew and just couldn't bring myself to sell something that was less than perfect...
 so I had to keep the bag for myself..........
 obviously I am gutted! ; )


  1. I bet you're not really, Suzanne! It is lovely, though xx

  2. For every cloud.....! Thanks for the link. x

  3. Seu blog e muito lindo, e vim te convidar para dar uma passada no meu blog e se gostar pode segui-lo e comenta-lo que logo farei o mesmo beijos...

  4. What else could you do in that situation but keep it - it's beautiful :-)

  5. What a setting for a event! What a SHAME you had to keep it - lovely bag! I have to say I cant see any marks at all, but I know what you mean - if you know that it fell in something undesirable it would feel wrong to sell it.


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