Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Creative Space.

Lots of mirrors to be made for a wedding happening up in Loch Ness....
There is something very therapeutic about the cutting of circles of fabric and assembly of mirrors - 50 mirrors in 5 colours of tweed.....
 very satisfying - especially when they are all packaged up and ready to go.....
It is so nice to think that these will be playing a small part in someone's special day!
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  1. Nice colour choices. Lucky guests!

  2. Hello to another UK crafter. Thank you for your comment. I love the prints and materials you use. What a great idea for favours. I'm sure the guests will love them.

  3. i love the prints.what a fabulous idea and agree lucky guests.

  4. Oh the tweeds! VERY cool. I love the purple ones, and the yellow blends really get my attention - gorgeous. What a great idea :)


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